Tax Update

Pitfalls for lodging Early Before “Tax Ready”

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) cautions taxpayers about the risks of lodging tax returns too early. According to the ATO, individuals who file their returns in early July are twice as likely to make mistakes.

This is because from late July, most information from employers, banks, government agencies, and health funds will be automatically loaded into taxpayers’ returns. Once this information is pre-filled and finalized by employers, income statements are marked as “tax ready”.

Common mistakes made by those who rush to lodge early include forgetting to include:

  • Interest from banks
  • Dividend income
  • Payments from government agencies
  • Private health insurance details

ATO to acquire Medicare Exemption Statement data

The ATO has issued a gazette notice that it will acquire Medicare Exemption Statement data from Services Australia for the 2024 financial year through to the 2026 financial year, to check 180,000 individuals each year are correctly claiming exemption from payment of the Medicare levy and Medicare levy surcharge.

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