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When two bonuses are not enough: introducing the Energy Incentive!

By Wen Wen / December 5, 2023

Energy incentive benefits If you’ve been putting off upgrading the inefficient office air-conditioner, a new 20% bonus deduction might just be the incentive you need to help beat the heat before it arrives with a vengeance! Whilst the small business Technology Investment Boost has now ceased, not only can you still take advantage of the […]

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Discounting your capital gain

By Wen Wen / September 19, 2023

The capital gains tax (CGT) discount can reduce by 50% a capital gain that you make when you dispose of (sell) a CGT asset that you have owned for 12 months or more. However, the discount is only available to: The most notable omission from this list is companies.  They are not eligible for the […]

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Fair Work Changes Employers Need to Know in 2023

By Wen Wen / July 25, 2023

Although not related to tax, there are a number of changes on the Fair Work front that employers should be aware of:  Minimum wage increase for employees  The National Minimum Wage applies to employees who aren’t covered by an award or registered agreement. From 1 July 2023, the new National Minimum Wage will be $882.80 […]

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Maximising Cashflow

By Wen Wen / June 20, 2023

The predicted slowing of the economy in 2023-24 along with the pay day super guarantee (SG) proposal are sure to make cashflow more important than ever for business over the coming months and years, noting that it is one of the biggest difficulties faced by business.  To recap, from 1 July 2026, employers will be required to […]

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human resources manual

Human Resources Manual – Why You Need One!

By Wen Wen / June 7, 2022

HR manuals document your workplace policies and procedures Quite a number of employers now have in place a human resources (HR) manual.  HR manuals document the workplace policies and procedures that will be applied to all employees inside and to a lesser extent outside the workplace. Manuals may broach the following non-exhaustive list of issues: […]

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Business partnership agreements - image

Agreement With Business Partner (Do You Need One?)

By Wen Wen / December 14, 2018

Do you need an agreement with your business partner? Going into new business with other people is exciting and can be extremely rewarding. A formal agreement can set the ground rules and stop owners getting caught out if things don’t quite go as well as planned. Whether your firm is structured as a partnership or […]

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