Audit & Assurance Services

Our audit team offers a dedicated commercial approach to help you control and improve your business. Independent assurance from us should enhance your business and its reputation.

Why you may want an independent audit

An independent audit is the foundation for decision-making in capital markets. We are a motivated, cohesive and dynamic firm who work with and for our clients in ways that seek to advance traditional notions of auditing, with a focus on client relationships.

Who our audit services may help:

  • Real Estate and Solicitor Trust Accounts

  • AFS Licensees

  • Not-For-Profit Organisations

  • Screen Film Australia Grants

  • Retail and Manufacturing Businesses

How we conduct business audits

At W Wen & Co, we bring to each assignment, time-tested, rigorous, and cost-effective methods and procedures. We evaluate the business’s internal controls and develop a tailored audit program for the client that also enhances financial reporting efficiency.

Auditing services we offer include:

  • Year-End Audit: The year-end audit is a comprehensive summary and opinion on financials and controls of an organization.

  • Interim Audit: Performed before the year-end, an interim audit provides planning and documentation in preparation for the year-end audit.

  • Compliance Audit: W Wen & Co compliance services ensure that clients conform to the standard, set of procedures established internally and industry regulations.

How can we help you?

Reach out to discuss which options would work best for your needs.

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