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FBT tips to celebrate a tax-free Christmas party with employees

FBT Tips for Christmas

By Wen Wen / November 11, 2019

Plan your tax for the holiday season too Employers know that popping a champagne cork or two to celebrate the festive season lets staff know their efforts are appreciated and the well-prepared business owner will also know that a little tax planning can help ensure that it’s not the business that ends up with the […]

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Tax deductions and FBT implications on staff training expenses

Staff Training Expenses And FBT

By Wen Wen / August 20, 2019

Are staff training expenses tax deductible? One of the recognised keys to business success is having knowledgeable, efficient and well-trained staff. But it is not always possible to have potential staff members walk in off the street and be a100% perfect fit. People employed at any business will naturally benefit, to a lesser or greater […]

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Fringe benefits tax implications on work Christmas parties - image

Fringe Benefits Tax Implications On Christmas Parties

By Wen Wen / November 20, 2018

The work Christmas party Christmas is just around the corner and most businesses have started planning their Christmas party. One of the perennial questions is if and how fringe benefits tax applies to these activities. There is no separate fringe benefits tax (FBT) category for Christmas parties and you may encounter many different circumstances when […]

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Is Your Car Parking Benefit Liable For FBT?

By Wen Wen / November 7, 2017

Small Business Car Parking Exemption If your business provides car parking benefits  to your employees in the form of car parking for more than four hours on its premises, and the relevant car parking facility is within one kilometre of a commercial car park where the minimum all day cost is more than the current […]

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