Federal Government To Make Covid Tests Tax Deductible And FBT Free

covid test expenses are tax deductible and fbt free

The Federal Government has announced that COVID‑19 tests (including Polymerase Chain Reaction and Rapid Antigen Tests) are tax deductible for hard‑working Australians, and exempt from fringe benefit tax for businesses, where they are purchased for work‑related purposes.

The change will take effect starting the tax year 2021-2022

This change will take effect from the beginning of the 2021‑22 tax year and will be in place permanently.

The Government will introduce legislation to make clear that work‑related COVID‑19 test expenses incurred by individuals will be tax deductible. This applies both when an individual is required to attend the workplace or has the option to work remotely.

The Government will also ensure that fringe benefit tax will not be incurred by employers if they provide COVID‑19 testing to their employees for work‑related purposes.

If you have queries on tax deductibility and FBT, please contact the accountants at our Sydney office

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