Federal Budget

Federal Government releases the Federal Budget for the 2020-2021 income year

Federal Budget 2020 – Australia’s Biggest Spending Budget

By Wen Wen / October 8, 2020

Last night, on 6 October 2020, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivered the Federal Budget for the 2020 – 2021 income year. It will be remembered as Australia’s biggest spending budget with a forecast deficit of $214 billion for the 2021 fiscal year. Hence the phrase, “We are all Keynesians now”, could be written large across current […]

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Federal Budget Summary For 2019-2020

By Wen Wen / August 20, 2019

Economic plans and a budget summary for 2019-2020 The government plans to further strengthen the economy, with a forecast surplus of $7.1 billion dollars, this being the first surplus in over a decade. Small business owners, middle and low income earners and individual taxpayers all benefit from this year’s budget. A few changes have also […]

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2016 Federal Budget Summary

By Wen Wen / May 4, 2016

Federal Budget for 2016 delivered by Treasurer Scott Morrison On the day when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has cut Australia’s interest rate to a record low, Treasurer Scott Morrison has delivered his first Budget (the government’s third) at 7.30pm on 3 May 2016. The Budget sets out the government’s economic plan for Australia […]

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Federal Budget Summary 2015-2016 - image

Federal Budget Summary

By Wen Wen / May 14, 2015

2015-2016 Federal Budget – how does the Budget affect you? Small business is a sector that came out a clear winner from the 2015-16 federal budget delivered by the Treasurer Joe Hockey. Tax cuts for small business companies and unincorporated entities The government will deliver a tax cut to all small businesses through: 1.5% tax […]

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2013 Federal Budget

By Wen Wen / June 3, 2013

Mr Wayne Swan announced a deficit of $18bn in 2013-14 The Federal Treasurer, Mr Wayne Swan delivered his sixth budget on 14 May 2013. The Treasurer announced a deficit of $18bn in 2013-14. The Government said it expects the deficit to fall to $10.9bn in 2014-15 and return to a small surplus ($800m) by 2015-16. […]

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How Does The Federal Budget 2012-2013 Impact Your Business

By Wen Wen / January 11, 2013

Federal budget 2012-2013 The Australian Federal Government announced a $1.5bn Budget surplus for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, after estimated $44.4bn deficit for 2011-2012. As with many budget announcements, much of the practical detail of the Government proposals is yet to see the light of day, but some of the budget changes that will have practical […]

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