Retesting For JobSaver And Micro-Business Grant

Businesses are required to retest to receive payments

Retesting Requirements For JobSaver And Micro-Business Grant

Both JobSaver and the Micro-business Grant are recurring fortnightly payments, not one-off grants, so the NSW Government has decided that, from mid-September, businesses should retest to continue to receive payments under both programs.

Broadly, businesses will continue to be eligible for support if they continue to experience a decline in turnover of 30% or more.

How to reconfirm eligibility

Each fortnight, the business will need to confirm that:

  • The employee headcount on 13 July 2021 stated in the initial application has been maintained
  • The business has continued to experience a decline in turnover of at least 30%

If the business is closed from 13 September to 26 September 2021 and cannot trade during this period due to the Public Health Order, the business can confirm its eligibility without doing any further work.

Alternatively, the business can one of the following three options to work out whether it has experienced a decline in turnover from 13 September to 26 September 2021 due to the Public Health Order of 30% or more: Click here for details of three options

Can a business oscillate in and out of JobSaver?

JobSaver is not a one-off test. As eligibility will be reconfirmed each fortnight, businesses may oscillate between qualifying and not qualifying from one fortnight to the next. A business can exit and re-enter JobSaver multiple times.

Becoming ineligible for one fortnight does not disqualify a business from becoming eligible again in a future fortnight where the eligibility conditions are met. A business does not need to re-apply.

If you have questions about retesting requirements for JobSaver or the Micro-Business Grant, please contact the accountants at our Sydney office

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