working from home benefits during Covid-19

Employee Benefits When Working From Home During Covid-19

Do you provide employees with work from home benefits? If an employer has provided their employees with benefits to enable them to work from home ...
Changes to vehicle fbt rules under Covid-19

Changes To Vehicle FBT Rules Under Covid-19

Other changes to vehicle FBT rules The special circumstances that coronavirus has thrown our way look like having some very practical outcomes on certain areas ...
claiming GST on Strata Scheme and real estate agent services

GST On Strata Scheme And Real Estate Agent Services

Responsibilities of the owners’ corporation The owners' corporation or body corporate is the body made up of all the owners in a strata scheme and ...
The government announces new laws on backdating resignations

Director Resignation And Social Security (New Updates)

The government introduces new laws on backdating resignations ASIC has announced that: The Federal Government has introduced new laws to help combat illegal phoenix activity. ...
The government provides tax relief assistance to those affected by natural disaster

Natural Disasters And Taxes: What You Should Know

Fires or floods can mean loss of income for many Now that we are into bushfire season, and even flooding events have already occurred, it ...
Businesses may no longer be required to submit Single Touch Payroll Reports

5 Valid Reasons To Stop Single Touch Payroll Reports

A business may no longer be required to lodge single touch payroll (STP) reports for a number of reasons, including if your business: No longer ...
JobMaker Hiring Credit aims to help create new jobs for young individuals

JobMaker Hiring Credit: What It Is And Who Can Apply

JobMaker hiring credit scheme The JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme was passed into law in mid-November 2020. JobMaker was part of the 2020-21 Federal Budget and ...

New Loss Carry-back Measure (Summary)

The last Federal Budget announced a number of tax changes designed to assist the Australian economy recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among ...
Owners can claim interest expenses on rental properties

Claiming Interest Expenses On Rental Properties

Deducting interest expenses on rental properties Interest is a common deduction claimed by taxpayers. Generally, interest is seen as being inherently deductible where it is ...

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